Scammers Online!! Beware!!!


Beware of scammers Online!!! They are selling Cars online.

(Warning to all on-line buyers, I just like to share this story of  as a warning)

I will Narrate my story and I hope it will make everyone more cautious in buying online…

My story goes like this, I found an ad of a Honda Civic 1994 Model amounted to 50,000 under the ad posting website in the Philippines Namely The ad is under the name ofjeninacanete. I send an email using the website’s contact form and received a reply from the owner that is a resident of Paris, France. He gave me the mobile number of his caretaker here in the Philippines Supposedly known to us as Malaki Dabasol. At first, we have a very good communication with the caretaker. Then on April 8,2014 we scheduled a meeting with the caretaker that will supposedly take place in Davao, City specifically SM City Iceland on April 9,2014 at 5pm. Then He asks us if we already read the procedure that was sent by his Boss from France namely Lucien Lionel. I said, No Because I already deleted the email. So I told him to send it again to my email address. But instead the caretaker texted me the instructions. He told me to send 40,000 to Lucien Lionel With an Address Paris, France via Western Union or Moneygram, And we choose to send it via Western Union. And the Balance of the full amount will be handed to the caretaker when he delivers the car to us along with the receipt of the Western Union Transaction. The next day the caretaker text us to change the receiver’s name to Dorimont Julien, This Dorimont Julien is supposedly Lucien Lionel’s Attorney, they requested the change of receiver because they told us that Lucien Lionel’s ID is already expired. So we follow the Instruction.Then the caretaker told us to scan the transaction receipt and email it to him, but he told us to cover the tracking number. So we did, But instead of covering only the Tracking number we also cover the sender name, address and Phone number for our security. After that, everything went smoothly until on our way to Davao They insisted to know my full name and my husbands full name and our full address. So I give my address in Davao and Didn’t give my full name and my Husbands full name, So he told us that it’s okay. Then after an hour he again asks me for the senders full name. But I disagree. When we arrive in Davao The caretaker text us again that we need to scan the image again and send it to him without covering the senders name and address and only cover the tracking number. But Again I disagree after 15mins, my phone rang and an International number appeared +33788492609. I answer the call and the man on the other line introduced himself as the “Lawyer”. So I talked to him over the phone he told me to scan the receipt and send it to him just cover the transaction number and somehow he convinced me. I was convinced because I thought to myself He really is a foreigner and He really lives in France so Maybe this is not a scam after all. So we did what we are told and send the scanned receipt with only the tracking number covered and we confirmed it to the caretaker, but hours later nobody arrived at the said time and place for the delivery of the vehicle. The next day, April 10,2014 morning we tracked the money online via western union online tracking and the money was already being picked up. We are astound because we never gave them the trackingnumber number, but somehow they managed to claim the money. Until today, no more text messages, calls and emails from them. The caretaker won’t reply to our messages and won’t answer our calls anymore. The caretaker even asks for 500 worth of prepaid load the night of our meeting. He also told us he will not deliver the car if we won’t give him the load.

P.S: They are using the following email address
 And a phone/mobile number

Philippines: 09467343555

I hope our experience will help minimize the victims of these scammers and other scammers out there…


Well, It’s been months since this incident occurred and still, no sign of those greedy men. Is it this hard to find the perpetrators who do their modus operandi online? Maybe that’s the reason why bad men invade the cyber world because they can’t be caught and put into jail. I just wish that all netizens especially those who like to purchase online will be more careful in transacting with strangers they met online.

10/28/2014 UPDATE!!!

Well, WESTERN UNION releases a video regarding online scams… 
Here is the link for the videos

The “Internet Purchase Scam” hit me right between the eyes!!!hahaha

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