It was 3 months after our first son was born. Julie was a dedicated mother and consistently nursed him. I also learned during that time to love the taste of her breast milk and about the excitement I got from squeezing her swollen breasts during sex, getting showered with her milk.
Now my wife did not have huge tits when we got married. They were firm, but not overly large. But she did, and does have great nipples. Those button kind that don’t splay all over the end of her tits. When she got pregnant, and while nursing, her breasts got larger, but they still were nice and firm, with no sag and with the great nipples.
Tom came over for supper one evening. When we finished eating it was time for Julie to feed our son. As we sat in the living room talking, Julie just opened her blouse and started nursing him. But, instead of having one breast out, she opened her blouse so both her breasts were exposed.
Tom and I sat there drinking and talking mindful of hos fun it was to look at Julie’s breasts. As we talked and enjoyed the view, Julie relaxed and her milk began to flow, seeping from her un-suckled right breast as my son was latched on the nipple of the left. The conversation between Tom and I kind of died and I noticed that Tom had gone from thinking he was sneaking looks to openly staring at my wife’s tits. He kind of squirmed in his chair and I could tell he was trying to straighten out his hardening cock in his jeans.
Julie sat there rocking and smiling, enjoying the power her tits had over us. My son finished nursing on her left breast and fell asleep. She rocked him for a couple of minutes, then took him into his room and put him in his crib. When she came back into the living room she had kind of buttoned her blouse, but the milk leaking from her un-suckled right tit was soaking through her top, turning it transparent so her nipple showed clearly.
I asked if he was asleep and Julie relied “Yes, soundly.” Then she said, “It is such a pain when he only finishes one side. Now I guess I am going to have to use the pump on the other one.” I said, “Unless you want us to help”. Julie got an evil grin on her face and Tom’s ears perked up at the “us” part. Julie said, “Well, I don’t know. What did you have in mind”? I told her I wasn’t exactly sure, but I thought Tom and I would be willing to do whatever would be helpful. I explained to Tom that Julie gets pretty uncomfortable when she gets “overfull”. He just had a stupid look on his face and was grinning from ear to ear as he mindlessly nodded his head up and down like he even cared what I said.
Julie said “Well, I guess it is either the pump or you guys. And you guys seem to have a lot more personality than that thing.” Julie unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, shrugged it off her shoulders and tossed it over by the bedroom door. She stood in front of us with those huge milk swollen jugs sticking out proudly in front of her, not a hint of embarrassment on her face.
She walked to her chair and sat down, saying “Honey. Go get a glass out of the cupboard.” I was in the kitchen in a flash, grabbed a glass, and sped back into the living room. When I got there, Julie had her head on the back of her chair, and was using her hand to gently guide Tom’s hand across her chest. She saw me and said “Have to get my nipples relaxed to get the milk flowing again.”
I guess they were relaxed all right because milk was seeping from both her nipples and running down her breasts to her stomach. Tom started to use the milk as a lubricant as he continued to massage her breasts.
Julie took the glass from me and said “I want both of you to watch, because this is how you get the milk out without hurting me.” Then she held the glass up to the overfull breast and with her thumb and forefinger, started to “milk” herself. The milk flowed pretty easily and made an impressive stream into the glass. She stopped and told Tom to stand behind her. When he did she had him reach over her shoulder and put his hand on her tit. “Now do it the way I showed you” she said. Tom was a little hesitant at first, but in a couple of minutes he was filling the glass with each caressing pinch.
I just stood there watching as my friend quite literally milked my wife. The milk was getting on his fingers that made them slick and slide easier on Julie’s tit and nipple. As he did that she lay her head back on the chair, closed her eyes, and moaned softly with each stroke.
I was transfixed by the scene in front of me. As I watched Tom filling the glass, I saw Julie’s hand stray down to the crotch of her jeans. She began to rub her pussy through the denim, moving her hips and moaning as her excitement built. My cock felt like it was going to bust right out of my pants. I have no doubt that Tom’s cock probably felt the same way, since he was also playing with her slick tit.
As Tom worked Julie’s tit, and Julie worked her hand down into the front of her pants, the moans increased and the milk flow decreased. It finally stopped altogether, although neither Julie’s moans nor Tom’s nipple manipulation let up. But Julie finally broke the trance and said, “I think that side is empty.” She looked over at me and said “I think the other one is yours.”
I replaced Tom behind her chair. I felt sorry for the poor guy because he could barely walk as he tried to adjust and straighten his cock in his jeans. As he struggled Julie said “Poor guy. Do you need some help?” Tom said “sure” and walked over beside Julie. I kept caressing Julie’s right nipple as Tom stood beside her chair. Julie told me to hold the glass, which I did. Then she reached over and undid Tom’s belt and zipper, pulling the front of his jeans and underwear down. She grabbed his cock and pulled it out, taking some of the milk from her tit and stomach to lube up his shaft. Then, as I worked her right tit, Julie gave Tom a hand-job.
I think he liked it.
I was having trouble getting much, if any, milk out of Julie’s tit. I commented on that, and she said “Remember, that was is the one the baby used so there may not be as much there. We will probably have to use our imaginations to get some.” I said okay and, with that, Julie stood up and, using Tom’s cock like he was a pull toy, led us over to the counter that separated the kitchen from the living room.
She told me to get on the kitchen side of the counter with the glass. Then Julie turned and pushed Tom’s pants down around his ankles as she gave him a deep kiss. His hand went to her tit and she scolded him saying “No. Those are not for you.” With that, she unfastened her jeans, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the panties and pushed her jeans and panties to the floor, stepping out of them and kicking them into the corner. Now she was completely naked.
Julie turned her back to Tom, leaned her arms on the counter and said to him “This is for you” as she stuck her naked ass out at him. Then she said to me “I think we will get the milk flowing again.” She reached between her legs, grabbed Tom’s cock and guided it to her pussy opening. Then she pushed her ass back a little, wiggling his cockhead back and forth to part her pussy lips before moving back again, onto Tom’s cock. Tom grabbed her hips and pushed his hips forward, driving his cock into Julie’s pussy.
Tom started pumping his cock in and out. Julie looked at me, lifted one hand off the counter and squeezed her right nipple, spraying me in the face with a fine mist of milk. Then she laughed and said “I think we have it going again.”
Boy did we.
I could tell the instant Julie came, not just from her scream, but from the fact that huge drops of milk seeped out of each nipple before falling to the counter, followed by another and another. I could just barely tug on her breasts and nipples and the milk absolutely streamed out.
By the time Tom and I each were done fucking Julie that evening, I don’t think there was a drop of milk left in either of her tits. The nice thing about it was she could always produce more. All we had to do was give her a little time.
And she did and we did.
Tom became a regular guest at our house. He would bring the steak and we supplied the milk. He was such a good friend that he even helped me out by taking over my milking chores if I was gone on business.

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