I’m Yna, and I guess I’m what you might call a spoiled brat. Being the youngest has its perks, and early on I’ve learned how to make dad, mom and older brother Nic do my bidding – well, mom to a certain degree, but she always gets outvoted by the other two, so I get my way in the end, most of the time.

We’re kinda well-to-do, but not filthy rich. My dad works hard enough at being a doctor to send my brother and I to the best schools. My mom’s family is even richer, being pure Chinese. It’s often a wonder how dad was able to win mom’s parents over while they were still going steady, but I’m glad they got together.

I didn’t want for anything growing up. I never had to commute going to and from school, played with the best toys, had the best birthday parties. I’ve seen most of Europe, the United States, Asia, and even Russia by the time I entered college. Life was good.

College didn’t start out well. First, they wanted me to go to UST, their alma mater. Or, for me to join my brother over at Ateneo. I had my mind set on La Salle because my preferred course was there, although my primary reason for wanting to go there was for me to finally move out of the house and have a greater degree of independence. UST was close to my grandparents’, and Ateneo was like a stones’ throw away from our house. At La Salle, I would have to move in a condo. Naturally dad and mom were opposed to the idea, but I stood firm, and finally they had to give in (as usual). The only concession I made was that I would be sharing the condo with Pam, a childhood friend. It helped that Pam was pure Chinese, her parents being close friends with mom.

It was a concession that would make a big impact on my life. Pam and I hit it off right away, and we became BFFs in no time. We went to the same college, shopped ’til we dropped at the same malls, double-dated. We were each others’ mentor as far as fashion and guys were concerned. Although we went out with guys, and even flirted with the cute ones, we never got into any serious relationships. I was enjoying my freedom to get myself tied down to a man, while Pam’s excuse was that her parents had arranged a marriage for her, as per Chinese tradition. That I was free to choose whomever I want gave me a sigh of relief and some pity for my friend.

During our third year in college I caught the eye of a fashion photographer, who offered to give me a modelling job. Now may be a good time to describe myself. I’m almost 5’7″, kinda on the slim side, 35-22-34, with smooth fair skin, prominent cheekbones and chinky eyed. Wary at first but very interested, I tried it out. I enjoyed the experience so much that I never looked back, much to the chagrin of my family. Not only did the job fulfill another of my dreams, it gave me more financial freedom. The photog also wanted to get Pam to model with me. We were of the same height, although she had a bigger bust (36D, grrrr!) and flawless white Chinese skin. I tried to convince Pam to give it a try, but she said it wasn’t her thing. But the best friend that she is, she always went with me to the photo-shoots, except on the out-of-town ones.

It was after a particularly successful project that gave me a huge bonus that things began to get complicated. To celebrate, Pam and I went to Bora for a weekend. We went bar-hopping and got back to our hotel almost wasted. She beat me to the bathroom so I busied myself fixing up my things then dimming the lights after in preparation for a hectic nights’ sleep. She came out with a towel wrapped around her and I rushed inside the bathroom, my bladder bursting. I had a quick shower and coming out of the bathroom I saw Pam sitting on her bed, looking morose and actually crying. That was a first for me, so I immediately got worried. I sat down beside her and coaxed her into telling me what the problem was, and it turned out to be her pre-arranged engagement. With less than a year to go before graduation her parents wanted her and her “fiance” to start going out together in public. She admitted that Benj had been visiting her whenever she went home the past year, and that they’ve gone out twice recently when I had out-of-town modelling gigs. She said that during that time she’s gotten to know him a little more, and that he’s not all the geek that she thought him to be.

That bit of news cast a pall over our celebration. I took it for granted that Pam and I would still be together after college, pursuing our careers together, travelling the globe together. Now it seems that we might have to part ways so soon after graduation, and that thought made me burst into tears and we ended up hugging and crying. I didn’t know who was more unconsolable then – my friend, who was being forced into a marriage, or me, who was losing her.

Don’t get me wrong. Her fiance wasn’t that bad. He was four years older than Pam. Benj was even kinda cute, in a nerdy kind of way. But I never imagined the two of them spending time together, much less the rest of their lives. Pam was simply too independent-minded for that, or so I thought. But her admission that she was seeing her fiance more frequently scared me. The possibility of losing her to Benj didn’t seem as remote as I once believed. At that moment I experienced a feeling of helplessness I never felt for a very long time.

I guess it was this feeling, combined with the number of drinks I had that night, that made me unprepared and vulnerable to what happened next. One minute we were holding on to each other, comforting one another with promises of not leaving one another no matter what. The next thing I knew Pam was running her hand up and down my back, my towel having slid down to my waist, and feeling her warm breath over my neck. I didn’t pay too much attention to it at first, because we always hugged and embraced each other that way. But there’s probably a sensor somewhere in your body that tells you whether it’s just a casual, friendly hug, or something else. My alarm went off, and it dawned on me that my BFF was actually hitting on me!

She probably felt me stiffen and draw away from her, and that’s when she cupped my face and looked straight into my eyes.

“Yna,” she said, with a pleading look in her eyes. “Do you really want to be with me forever?”

“Oo naman Pam,” I replied. “Di ba that’s been our plan all along?”

“I know, and that’s what I want too. I wish we can just run away together!”

“Pam, what can we do? I feel so helpless na nga right now.”

“Let’s make a pledge now Yna. No matter what happens, we’ll be together.”

“Yes! Ok ako diyan Pam!”

She hesitated, as if trying to choose her words carefully.

“Yna, this means we have to take our relationship one stage further…,” she continued, her words trailing softly.

“What do you mean Pam?”

“Ok ba sa sau if we become more than best friends?” she asked.

I can feel my chinky eyes growing wide with shock. This wasn’t something I expected from Pam. I was at a loss for words, totally unprepared for what she was suggesting. If she had been planning this all along then she picked the best time to spring the surprise on me. My alcohol-addled brain was already reeling from the news she gave me earlier, and she took advantage of that to make me take the bait.

“Wha…what do yo mean Pam?” I asked, suing for time.

“You know what I mean Yna. If…if you’d agree to take that extra step with me, kakayanin kong hindi magpakasal kay Benj. I just need your assurance that we’ll always be together.”

“Pa…papano yon? Magagalit ang parents mo, pati parents ni Benj! Baka magkagulo lalo!”

“Ako ng bahala doon. Just bear with me the next few months. I have to pretend to go along with what they want, then after we graduate we’ll go away together, sa Europe, sa States, just like we planned! I’m gonna go crazy if I don’t have that to look forward to Yna. I know I’m not gonna be happy with Benj. I’d rather be with you!”


“Why are you hesitating? Don’t tell me you’re having doubts? I’ve opened myself to you na, eto nagpapakababa na ako! Do you want me to beg Yna? If that’s what you want then I will!”

Before I could react she got down on one knee and held my hands in hers, looking at me with pleading eyes. That was too much for me. I went down on my knees too, matching her stare.

“Pam, please don’t beg. You don’t have to,” I said.

“So, payag ka na Yna?” she asked.

I couldn’t get myself to say it, so after a few more seconds of hesitation, I just nodded.

My heart melted when I saw the expression on her face change from that of extreme sadness to one of utter ecstasy. She hugged me tight again and I hugged back.

“Thank you babe! Thank you very much! You won’t regret it, I promise,” she whispered.

Everything was happening too fast for me. If I probably wasn’t half as drunk as I was that night I would’ve put on the brakes and called time out. As it was, I got carried away by her intensity. I started feeling her moist lips moving along my neck, her warm kisses inching closer to my mouth. My heart was pounding as they reached my lips. She paused for the longest second, then owned me with the most sensuous kiss I have ever tasted. Any resistance I had fell away after that, and she knew it. I was hers.

My towel dropped to the floor right beside where my resistence fell moments earlier. Her lips were sealed against mine. I could feel her tongue running through my teeth, probing, gently parting them, and soon enough it was inside my mouth, searching for my tongue. I instinctively hugged her tighter as I felt my tongue being slowly sucked, being teased, being led out of my mouth into hers. I could taste her sweet saliva and I knew she was tasting mine, and it had enough of a tinge of the wine we had earlier to make the experience more sensuous than anything I’ve ever had before.

Slowly, imperceptibly, she drew away. I found myself hungrily moving towards her, searching for her mouth that had unclasped from mine. My eyes had been shut all the time we were kissing, and now I opened them. She was looking at me with a twinkle in her eyes, and now I had that pleading look that was on her face a hundred seconds ago.

“Pam, what just happened?” I asked, still unbelieving.

“You said yes, and we sealed it with a kiss, babe,” she replied, using that term of endearment for the second time.

Before I could say another word she got to her feet and helped me up. She guided me towards the bed – our bed now. She made me lie down on top of the sheets and just stared at me for a while. It was then I became aware of my nakedness, and moved to cover my body with my hands, but they froze in place with a shake of her head.

“Don’t Yna. I want to see you as you are,” she ordered. Sensing my discomfort, she loosened her towel too and let it drop to the floor. Now we were both naked, and although I’ve seen her countless times in the buff and never gave it a second thought, this time it felt different. I felt like a voyeur, looking at my friend with…? Thoughts of lasciviousness? ‘Oh my God, what’s happening to me?’ I thought.

She lay down beside me, on her side, our eyes fixed on each other. Slowly she moved her face closer, and she whispered “I love you” just before she kissed me again. And again I found myself under her spell. Somewhere at the back of my mind a voice was telling me that this was all wrong, that this wasn’t what I wanted, but the rest of my brain was completely seduced by her minstrations.

Suddenly my eyes popped wide open, and had her mouth not been completely over mine I would have moaned out loud, when her hand started to cup my breast, one of her fingers slowly flicking back and forth over my hardening nipple. The sensation was so exquisite! Her touch set every nerve in my body tingling, yet so delicately did her fingers move that I felt myself aching for more, until it was almost unbearable! My left arm was pinned down by her body, so I raised the right to hold on to her, but she gently moved my hand back to where it was.

Our kiss ended but her erotic probing of my breast did not. She propped herself up so that she could have a better look at my face while she continued to caress my nipple, tracing circles around it with her finger. At first I was able to return her stare, but as the seconds passed, the sensations her finger was making me feel started to become unbearable. I bit my lip and started to turn my head away, but she softly commanded me to look into her eyes as she continued her sensual torture of my breast. I did as I was told, my eyes pleading for release. Eventually she stooped down, gave me one more lingering kiss, then broke off her probing.

“We have all the time in the world babe,” she whispered. “I want you to enjoy every second of it.”

With that she lay down again and closed her eyes, her arm draped across my chest. I could feel my heart pounding in excitement, wondering how sensual the entire experience was, and how I found myself wanting more. Pam awakened something in me. Little did I know how much it was going to affect my life.

Later on she teased me on how innocently erotic my facial reactions were to her teasing, and said how just barely she could contain herself from not ravaging me further. If she only knew how close I was to begging her to take me all the way at that time too.

From outward appearances people wouldn’t have been able to notice any change in us. We carried on as we usually do in school, almost inseparable. Schoolmates were so used to seeing us together, and even holding hands while walking didn’t merit a raised eyebrow because that was how we were even before. Probably a close observer might notice how our gaze would linger just a second longer that usual, or how one would look at the other when we had to part ways to attend our respective classes, or how we gave each other a quick embrace when we got back together again. But these were so subtle that no one knew about our new relationship – or so I thought.

It was when we were alone that we let ourselves go. From the time we returned to Manila as lovers Pam never failed to surprise me. It was clear from the start that she would take the lead. I never got to ask her how she knew so much about sex, since we never had affairs of any kind with guys, other than naughty flirting, more so with other girls. We were together so much it never crossed my mind that she might have been getting some.

Within a week she discovered where all my pleasure points were. Every night she would come to my room (I had the bigger bed) after I’ve had my shower and doing my nightly routine. The first time I was so self conscious. I was sitting at my dresser drying my hair when she came in and sat on my bed, wearing nothing but a black t-back panty, highlighting her white creamy skin. I was naked myself, and when she saw me eyeing my towel she shook her head, so I just continued what I was doing. I tried to avoid eye contact with her, stealing glances at the mirror, but I could see her total attention was on me.

My next task would have been to rub lotion all over my body, but I was to ashamed to turn around and face her without anything on, so I tried to prolong my hair drying. Sensing that she was not going to do anything until I finished, I just sighed and reached for my lotion bottle and started applying it to my arms. I went about the business of applying and rubbing it all over, trying to act natural but having a difficult time with Pam watching every motion I made. I felt awkward when I had to apply it on my breasts, and my discomfort increased tenfold when i had to stand up and put on foot on top of the stool so that I could apply it on my thighs and…..oh….on my bald pussy. Just yesterday I could do it without having dirty thoughts, although I usually let my fingers linger a bit in that area, what with the pleasurable tingle it gave me. Now I couldn’t afford to dally and I so I finished as quickly as I could. I was so intent on trying to focus on what I was doing that I didn’t realize she was already standing behind me, totally naked too. She took the bottle from my hands and I waited, looking at the mirror, watching her apply lotion in her hands. She replaced the bottle on the table and moved even closer, her tummy against my back.

From the mirror I looked into her eyes, and she started cupping my breasts as she applied the lotion on them. She kept my gaze and smiled as she teased both my nipples. My body heat went up several degrees right away. I bit my lip as I felt my nipples harden. She played with it for a few more seconds, alternating between left and right. I tried to keep myself from getting too aroused, but it was useless. I had to close my eyes, but I knew she was watching my reactions through the mirror. I felt her left hand leave my breast and move downward, now caressing my belly. It stayed there for the briefest of moments, then moved further down still. My breathing became more ragged as it reached my pubis. Again it stopped there, and now her assault to my senses came from another direction. I felt her breath on my exposed neck, and then she started kissing and licking my skin, inching up toward my earlobe. A final pause, time enough for her to press her breasts against my back and her pelvis at my back, and her final assault began in earnest. Simultaneously her right hand began mashing my breast, gently squeezing the nipple between her thumb and forefinger, while her left hand finally found its way to my pussy, her middle finger tracing the slit that has known no other hand but mine. With her teeth gently nibbling at my earlobe and her breasts rubbing circles at my back, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and a long, soft moan escaped through my lips.


“You like it babe?” she asked.

My throat went dry. I just nodded yes. Her exquisite assault on my body continued.

Her middle finger started probing deeper into my slit. I involuntarily opened my legs, a force of habit when I played with myself from time to time. My heart was pounding so hard as her finger neared my clitoris. I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself if she starts to play with it. I’ve often made myself cum rubbing my clit whenever I came back from class, imagining how it would be if my handsome prof was making love to me – and I had a crush prof every semester.

My knees were getting weak. I could feel them shaking as her finger stopped just short of my clit, her tongue now darting in and out of my ear, her hard nipples tracing circles at my back. I was alternately holding my breath and panting as each assault drove me higher, closer to the pinnacle of ecstasy…

“Open your eyes babe,” I heard her whisper.

I opened them. Looking straight at the mirror I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Both of us were totally naked. Being in front, my body was exposed in all its glory. One of her hands cupping my breast, the other rubbing my pussy between my half-spread legs, her mouth against my ear – I took all of that in, and finally sought her eyes, whose gaze never left mine. I could see the lust in them, and I was hoping she wouldn’t see mine, but one flick of her finger over my clitoris was simply too much, and my floodgates opened – literally and figuratively.

That flick was the one that brought me over the precipice.

“Ooooooooooooomigodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!” I moaned as I felt a dam burst from within.

Pam told me later how I was almost convulsing as I orgasmed. I couldn’t remember anything: not how I suddenly turned and faced Pam, embracing her as tightly as I could while smothering her lips with kisses, my lips and tongue hungrily seeking hers, moaning in between breaths, while my pussy juices flowed freely down my thigh.

The next thing I could recall was waking up to her muted snoring while she slept snuggled at my back, arms around me. We were still naked under the sheets, and while I felt tired, the tingling sensation was still there, and having her next to me was very comforting. I decided it was a great feeling, and fell asleep again.

The next few nights were more of the same, and as I became more accustomed to her minstrations I felt more able to let my emotions go and enjoy our new-found sexuality. I began to look forward to being alone with Pam in our condo, day-dreaming in class, getting wet in anticipation of whatever she had in store for me. She was a patient teacher, not pushing too far too fast, letting me get used to new things before moving on to more sensuous and erotic lessons. For instance, the rest of the week we did nothing but a lot kissing, embracing and touching – well, she did most of the touching – for a while, until we could do it without me blushing too much or getting tongue-tied. I also got used to sleeping naked with a warm body to cuddle with. It was infinitely better than rubbing my pussy on a cold pillow.

My next lesson came unexpectedly. We were sitting on the bed, making out like before, when suddenly she made me lie flat on my back, placed my hand over my head, holding on to the railing on the headboard, and spreading my legs apart. She went on top of me, her weight pressing down on me but not uncomfortably. Whenever she started with something new I’ve learned not to talk or ask questions but wait for her to show me how. It seemed more exciting not knowing what she was up to. So while she was laying on top of me doing nothing but staring at me, my pulses quickened in anticipation and I could feel that wonderful pressure developing in my pussy. She began to kiss me, just pecks on my cheeks and lips, moving down to my neck. I arched my neck to give her a better view of it, and was rewarded with long, wet licks along its length. All this time her hands were busy mashing my breasts, playing with my nipples, and then she moved down, over them. Beginning with the right, she stuck out her tongue and began running it in circles around the nipple.

I’ve never had my nipples licked before, and the feeling was heavenly! And when she sucked on it, pulling it into her mouth and rolling her tongue around it, I had to arch my back in ecstasy. I wanted to embrace her but I know she wanted me to keep holding on to the rails at the headboard. She then moved to my left breast, leaving the right nipple hard and wet, and the cool breeze from the air-con making it harder still. The contrast of a warm nipple inside her mouth and a cold one where she left it added to my building delirium, and her next move just added more fuel to the fire.

Our position was such that with my legs spread apart, and her body wedged between them. There was little I could have done to stop her from what she did next, had I wanted to. I was thoroughly enjoying what her mouth was doing with my breasts that I did not give much attention to her right hand now rubbing my slit, as I thought all it was doing was getting my pussy a little bit wetter. She finally let go of my nipples, and her kisses were soon heading south, although like a magician, her left hand was still mashing my breast, keeping me distracted from her true intentions. Her lips and tongue were moving all over my stomach by then, tickling me erotically. She had playfully licked at my belly button before, as she was doing now, but I felt a sense of apprehension when she crossed that invisible barrier below it, a place where only her hands (so far) have gone. I looked down, and I could only see the top of her head, but I could feel her kisses where my neatly shaven pubes began. Kisses turned into licks, and her fingers were now focused on my clitoris. She was pulling up the clit hood with her forefinger and then flicking my now-exposed clit with her thumb. And still she kept going down. I felt my abdominal muscles tense as her lips finally reached my clit hood. I didn’t realize it then but my hands were gripping the rails on my headboard tightly as I waited for the inevitable.

My back arched again as I closed my eyes and let out a long soft moan as Pam’s tongue licked the tip of my clit, then swiftly sucking it into her mouth and continued her tongue-flicking inside. My knees involuntarily flexed, but she only gently but firmly pushed them down again. What she was doing was leaving me breathless, gasping for air. I could feel her tongue working on my clit, gently nibbling on it, running hot, wet, rings around it. Whatever apprehensions I had dissipated with the electric tingling her tongue and lips were causing, making every muscle in my body tense up with anticipation brought about by the ever-increasing levels of pleasure I was receiving, bringing me ever closer to my orgasmic plateau. Pam seemed to know what she was making me go through, and as if sensing I was very close to coming, abruptly left her assault on my clit and used her tongue to trace the length of my slit, sucking my pussy juice along the way.

She told me later that the moan I let out when I came was one of the sweetest, orgasmic-filled moans she had ever heard. All I remember was letting out a sound half-way between a cry and a shout of ecstasy. As she continued to eat my pussy, all that I can only vaguely remember finally being unable to obey her instructions. My legs clamped around her body as tightly as I could, and my hands held her head, alternately pulling on her hair as I experienced wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure, and pushing her head deeper into my pussy, as if willing her to pleasure me some more. My silent pleas did not go unheeded, as she hungrily lapped on my pussy, siphoning off every drop of juice that flowed ever so freely from within. I can’t remember how that night ended. I had so much orgasms I lost consciousness. Again.

The next few nights were even better, as I got used to what she was doing and the pleasure it was giving me. She would often tease me, just when I’m about to explode in ecstacy, by withholding her tongue from my pussy, making me beg for her to continue. At first I was very hesitant but she was equally adamant about making me express my hunger audibly, and soon our room was filled with my moans and groans. Still not satisfied with my utterances of sexual pleasure, we started watching downloaded sex videos, mostly girl to girl stuff. Which made me start to wonder, were we both lesbians? I least I didn’t think I was, because I still get aroused when I see my favorite professor on campus. Anyway, she’d make me sit up on the bed, my back resting on pillows propped on the headboard, knees flexed and legs spread wide open, watching the video while she laid on her stomach, her face buried in my crotch, lapping up my pussy juice with her tongue. In this position I could also watch her doing it, adding to my steaming lust. Whenever she would sense I was about to cum she’d hold back, and as I didn’t want to be left hanging I’d try and push her head back, but she wouldn’t do anything until I begged her to.

She took it another step further as I got used to begging her. She’d make me take a bath before her, because she often teased how long it took for me to get ready for bed, with all the regimen I have to go through after my shower. While she took her turn in the bathroom, the DVD player would be turned on, showing another erotic movie. By the time I got to applying lotion on my body I’d be already at my usual location sitting by the head board, all naked and waiting for Pam to come out of the bathroom. She took her time coming out, and the movie was making me hot, so I found myself subconsciously mashing my breasts and playing with my nipples, and after a while my hand found its way down to my pubes where I started to run my middle finger along my slit, and finally focusing on my clit as I began to climax. By this time she would come out of the bathroom, watching me. I’d call out to her to hurry and come to bed, but she would just tell me to continue what I was doing. At first it felt weird and kinda embarrassing, having to masturbate in front of Pam, and I’d call to her repeatedly to finish what I’d started doing to myself. It took a while for me to realize that this was what she wanted all along, for me to play with my body until I had an orgasm, before she made any attempt to pleasure me. My pleas went unheeded, so I focused on making myself cum, and eventually I did.

It was only then that she finally plopped onto the bed between my legs and started to make slurping sounds while she licked my wet pussy, her tongue flicking my engorged clit and pussy hole. That would make me cum again……and again.

Our movie sessions also totally opened my slutty side. It may have been subliminal in nature, but I soon found myself sounding like the sluts we were watching, even the way they used cuss words while in the throes of ecstasy. Pretty soon it was so easy for me to utter words like “fuck”, “bitch”, “shit”, even the local ones like “puta” and “tang-ina”, whenever we had sex. At this point, my transformation from an innocent sosyal to malanding pokpok was almost complete and loving every minute of it. Little did I know that my BFF was going to all this trouble just to set me up for something.

I had gotten so used to our nightly rituals that I found it hard sometimes whenever I had to go on out-of-town shoots for my modelling stints, although the flurry of activity usually helped keep my mind occupied. It was especially difficult when she had to go home twice a month and I would be left alone in our condo. I knew that Benj would be seeing her, and I felt a tinge of jealousy every time. I found myself restless and unable to sleep. I’d usually end up watching her DVDs or visiting the sites on the internet, and furiously work myself up to a sexual frenzy and masturbating until I came. Exhaustion would finally bring me a listful sleep. When we finally got back again our clothes would come off in seconds, and minutes later our room would be full of moans of pleasure. During these reunions I would become more demanding and aggressive, and also more open to her new ideas about sex.

Sometimes, when she came back from her parents’ house, I’d ask about her fiance, if they met, what they did, etc. She’d say some off-hand remarks but always steered the conversation away and start to make out with me and then everything was good and until I forgot about it. But one time Benj brought her to our condo from her house. It was the first time he ever escorted her back, as least to my knowledge. She even made him come in for a while, and although I acted civil enough it took all of my effort not to scream and make a scene, and to top it off she said that she’d walk with him to the elevator as he bade us goodbye. As she closed the door I immediately rushed to it, and I could hear them talking just outside. I peeked through the peep-hole and I nearly hit the roof when I saw them in a tight embrace while French kissing! I was so jealous I thought my chest would explode and burst into tears. I headed for my room and was about to close it when she came back in. I gave her my most hateful stare then slammed the door shut.

I didn’t speak to her for a week. I left the condo before she did and came home later than usual, then proceeded to lock myself in my room. I had lunch and dinner alone in the various fast food shops around the condo and in the mall. And all the while that I was giving her the cold treatment she would try and explain herself. I could hear her crying outside my door, begging me to let her in so that we could talk. For the next few days I stood my ground. I felt betrayed, and the hatred generated by that sustained my conviction not to give in to her. But before the next weekend came I could see a change in Pam. She wasn’t quite herself anymore. She missed two days of class, and she wore the same clothes she had on when I left the condo, and she wasn’t eating. Halfway through my shower I heard her all my name followed by a dull thud and then silence. At first I thought it was just a show she was putting on for me, trying to get my sympathy, but it turned out that it was for real. I was a nervous wreck as I tried to revive her but she wouldn’t regain consciousness. Finally out of desperation I reached for her cellphone and quickly dialled Benjs’ number and asked him to come to the condo immediately, briefly telling him what just happened. He was there within an hour, and although Pam was already conscious she was too weak to even make it to the sofa. Benj took one look and then carried her out, telling me to follow. I quickly put on whatever clothes I could grab and rushed out of our unit and down the elevator. Benj already had Pam in the front passenger seat and I got in the back, and then he sped out to the nearest hospital.

Pam stayed in the hospital for a couple of days due to dehydration and exhaustion. She begged us not to let her family know about her situation, and since all she needed was rest, we agreed. Benj took care of the hospital bills, while I attended to her personal needs. We took turns looking after her in the room, and when we were alone she would start crying and ask for my forgiveness, and maybe I took pity on her and told her not to worry about it and that we’d talk when we got back to the condo. Only my assurance that I still loved her and wanted her made her calm down and start eating and wanting to get well right away.

Benj was quite good to her. She seemed happy whenever he was around, and I was starting out of place when he was visiting. Fortunately the doctor certified her ok and we were able to take her home. I was glad to have her back at the condo, but one thing I didn’t foresee was having Benj visit her regularly from now on. Maybe it was because he acted like a gentleman and seemed to really care for Pam throughout the crisis that I didn’t put up too much of a fuzz when he started coming over. He didn’t stay long, at least not when I was there. I was to learn only much later that they were doing more than talking when I wasn’t, although I’ve seen some tell-tale signs that Pam wasn’t being entirely truthful about the state of her relationship with Benj.

For starters, they were now quite open about kissing each other and holding hands in public. Even when he visits at the condo, I’d catch them giving each other quick pecks when they think I’m not looking, and of course when she sees him to the elevator they’d have one long torrid kiss before he gets on. Then he started to fetch her from school, and sometimes I’d come along but I felt like a spare tire most of the time I’d go my own way. I was thankful that I was able to talk Dad into giving me a car when I turned 18, so I didn’t have to commute to and from school. The modelling offers were also increasing, so I was spending more and more time doing photo shoots after class, and a lot of out-of-town gigs as well. When we had some time together we’d usually spend it in my room, where we’d usually end up making out like before. She became more aggressive when we made love, as if our time apart made her hungrier for me, and I actually enjoyed her intensified lust. One time while she was taking a shower I was looking for a skirt I wanted to wear the following day, and I remembered Pam using it a week ago, so I went to her room to look for it there. I was surprised to see her bed disheveled, much like what my bed looked like after…..we made out. ‘Oh shit!’ I said to myself. I looked more closely and saw some stains on the bedsheet, and a couple of pubic hairs, which definitely didn’t belong to Pams’, as we both had bald pussies. I immediaely went to her cabinet to look for the skirt and get out of her room. I found it, but I found something else. Towards the inner portion of the cabinet were a few pieces of briefs and socks, and at one end was a pair of pants and a couple of shirts I’ve seen Benj wear before.

I couldn’t accept the fact that Pam and Benj were doing much more than just hugging and kissing in our condo. Although I felt bad about it, I couldn’t really get mad at them because they were engaged, although I thought that Pams’ commitment to our agreement wasn’t as strong as it used to be. I was on the verge of crying so I hastily put on some clothes, knocked on the bathroom door and told Pam I was stepping out and not to wait for me, and then hurriedly left the condo. Everything was a haze, and I answered her repeated texts with an excuse of a last-minute photo-shoot. I was making the rounds of some bars until I finally ran into some models I worked with, and spent the rest of the night with them, eventually going home with one of my fellow models to her apartment as I was too drunk to drive.

When I got back to our condo I resolved to confront her. We still haven’t had our talk since she got out of the hospital because we were more concerned about her recovery, but if her “activities” with Benj is used as a gauge, then one can say that she has fully recovered. I was expecting Pam to be anxiously waiting for me when I returned, but was surprised to find her gone. I took a peek at her room and everything was neat and in order. She left a note on the ref, saying she was going to have lunch with Benj. Still a bit tipsy from the previous nights’ binge I fell asleep on my bed. I guess I must have been hung-over pretty bad, because I didn’t hear them come in.

Not that it mattered to them. Pam must have put two and two together, with my sudden departure and the “evidence” lying about in her room, and then she must have told Benj that the cat was out of the bag and that I already know that they were having sex. So instead of sneaking behind my back, they went to her room and started fucking their brains out, knowing full well I was sleeping in my room. They must have been at it for almost at hour when I groggily awoke. It must have been Pam’s moaning that got into my subconscious and made me get up and look for the source of the sound.

It was a good thing I didn’t call out Pam’s name as I went out of my room. I was sleepily padding towards her room on my bare feet and was almost at her door when she let out an orgasmic scream that got me wide awake.

“Shit Benj stop! I’m cumming babe, I’m cumming!!! Benj!!! Oh shittttttt!!!!” she moaned as I watched Benj fucking her doggy-style on her bed. The sight of Benj humping my best friend was enough to clear the remaining cobwebs of my mind. My throat went dry as I watched my very first live sex “show”. I couldn’t move at first, my eyes were fixed on their writhing bodies as they went through the motions. I finally regained my senses and silently walked back towards my room, taking care not to make a sound as I closed the door.

I lay down the bed and tried to sleep, but the images of their intertwined bodies kept coming back. Oddly enough, I didn’t find myself as jealous as I thought I’d be. I felt that the two of them having sex was but natural, although they should have tried to do it more privately. It was obvious that they wanted me to catch them fucking, or at least hear them making out. I don’t know how they expected me to react, but I rather felt turned on, feeling hot and getting wet. I found myself rubbing my pussy, imagining how it would be to get fucked by….hmmmm….oh yes that cute Econ professor! I got so carried away that pretty soon I was thrusting my hips up and down as I furiously fondled my clit and got rewarded by a huge orgasm. I was panting afterwards, happy that I was able to find release, and also with the knowledge that it was the first time I came while thinking of being fucked by a man! ‘At least I’m not a lesbian!’ I laughingly thought to myself.

As his visits became more frequent, so did their level of sexual activity. Benj would usually arrive late, after we’ve had dinner, and though I didn’t put any malice on it at the time, he usually came just when I’ve gone into the bathroom for my nightly shower, so he’d catch me wearing just a towel wrapped around my body while they cuddled up on the sofa. I had to lock myself up in my room because they were using all the other spaces for their lovemaking. A few times I had to go to the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning, and I thought Benj had already gone home, only to find Pam kneeling between his legs as she sucked his dick, both of them naked. The second time I saw them I thought I saw Pam look towards me and gave me a wink, which made me rush back to my room. The next few times I couldn’t help myself already so I made sure the lights on my room were off then I’d open my door just enough that I could see them and watched while I pleasured myself.

As I stood next to my door, I’d start taking off my clothes. I silently cursed Pam for getting me hot and started touching my body, eager for release. Ever since I caught them having sex I never stopped thinking about how it would be to get fucked, I mean for real. That, plus the fact that sex between Pam and I became almost non-existent virtually overnight made me horny as hell. I found myself looking at prospective hunks that I’d like to have a one-night stand with, just to get rid of the itch I’ve been having which my nightly masturbation couldn’t adequately satisfy. I’d masturbate myself to a frenzy which would leave me satisfied – for about five minutes. Then I’d suffer through the rest of the night while I listen to Pam moaning through multiple orgasms. Why those two never bothered to stay inside their room while they fucked was beyond me.

I tried keep myself busy between school and work just so I won’t have it on my mind every minute. I was even trying to flirt with the male models but most of them were either taken or gay. During the day it kinda worked, keeping my mind occupied. But as soon as I got back to the condo, with those two going at it, I’d find myself getting hot and frustrated all over again. So I’d usually hang around with the others even if my gig was done, just to have an excuse for not having to go home yet. It was in one of these “passing time” moments that I had an unusual surprise. Usually for our out-of -town gigs the agency would arrange a charter for us. As we were chatting among ourselves while they were getting the set ready a group of models who just arrived from their out-of-town trip arrived. What caught my attention however wasn’t the newcomers but the driver of the van they rode in. From a distance he looked familiar, and as he walked towards our group I couldn’t quite believe who it was. At first I wasn’t sure, but when he started talking to one of the photogs there was no mistaking his identity. I strode up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey Tito Robbie, what are you doing here? Don’t tell me you’re a driver now?” I asked him, laughing.

“Hey Yna, what are you doing here? he asked in reply. I could see he was as surprised as I was, seeing me there. “Sandali, let me finish up with Raymond first. Wait ha.”

“Sige lang tito, take your time,” I answered as he turned back to the guy he was talking with, apparently concluding some transaction.

A few things about him. First, he’s not really an uncle, but one of my dads’ close high school friends. We’d meet up with him from time to time, usually during Christmas and summer vacations. He’s one of Nic’s godparents, so he sometimes visits during my brothers’ birthdays when we were younger. We’ve lost contact through the years but Dad still gets the odd hi and hello from time to time. From what I remembered he dropped out of college to focus on their family business which kept him busy enough that he was still single – at least he was, last time we met.

He turned his attention to me after he said goodbye to Raymond, and immediately invited me for a quick cup of coffee if I wasn’t needed in the set. I told him I was just hanging around so we could go for more than just a cup. I said my goodbyes to the others and left with him. I laughed when he guided me towards the van, and he explained that his regular driver was unavailable so he had to drive the van himself to keep the appointment with out agency. That’s when I remembered that he was in the rent-a-car business, and he proudly said that he now had a fleet of two dozen cars and vans for rent. He asked if it were ok with me if we returned the van to the garage and then picked up his car at his townhouse and I agreed. His garage was teeming with cars and vans, and I saw several pricey ones, and even a limo!

We went to his townhouse which was just a block away. I asked him if we could just stay in his place because I didn’t feel like going out.

“If you’re not hiding anyone there,” I teased.

“I’m all by myself, ha ha ha!” he laughingly replied.

So we went in and I was pleasantly surprised at how well kept it was. We kept up our small talk and getting ourselves updated with news about family and acquaintances, then finally about ourselves. I told him that I was a college senior, and was doing modeling on the side, working for the agency where he found me. He said he’d seen some of my work and that I was lucky to be working for that agency. He told me more about his business, how he took over when it was a losing venture then turning it around to its present state. Another surprise was his revelation that he was a freelance writer for several magazines using a pseudonym, one which I readily recognized because I had already read some of his work in some of the fashion mags.

“Omigod, that’s you? I love reading your articles! Sana you make one about me too!”

“Sure, anytime! I’ll talk to Raymond about it. Anong magazine mo gusto ma-feature?”

“Ikaw na bahala. Basta promise yan ha!”

All in all I had an enjoyable time with him, which kinda surprised me. I always remembered him as being prim and proper, somewhat nerdy and dull. He was totally different now, with an air of self-confidence about him. I didn’t stay long as he looked tired from a long drive, but he insisted on driving me back to the condo. I knew Pam and Benj would be upstairs already so I didn’t invite him up, although we exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch.

We ran across each other a few times in the agency, and we spent time some time in his townhouse a few times. I had to tell him about the situation in my condo when I couldn’t invite him up the next time he took me home, although I never mentioned anything about Pam and I. He laughed at my problem and he said I had two choices: grin and bear it, or get a boyfriend so I don’t have to be envious of Pam.

“Sira ka talaga tito! Hi hi hi! Hindi naman ako naiinggit kay Pam no!”

“Ows? From the way you’re telling the story it seems you want to get some action too ha ha ha!”

Well, I didn’t tell him he hit the nail on the head about my dilemma, and their continued displays was getting me al worked up, despite my efforts to ignore what they were doing. Just when I thought I couldn’t bear the frustration that was building up inside, when I was about to jump on the next guy that crossed my path, a measure of relief came when Benj had to leave for a few days to take care of some business in Singapore. I thought Pam was going to come with him but with exams coming up she decided to stay behind. I was looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet on the sexual front, but it wasn’t to be.

I was fast asleep when Pam came home from the airport after seeing Benj off, so didn’t hear her arrive, much less that she peeked into my room before heading to the bathroom to take a shower. We never had any intimate moment again since she and Benj became open with their sexual activities, and didn’t expect that we would ever be as close as we were before. So I was unprepared when I suddenly awoke and found her between my thighs, lapping up my pussy. I must have been so tired because I never felt her while she undressed me and opened up my legs. The pleasure I felt as she sucked my clit I initially thought was part of another erotic dream, together with a persistent buzzing sound that seemed to make my nipples harden. In my dream I was moaning with pleasure until I reached the brink of my passion and opened my eyes as an orgasm hit me.

That’s when I looked down and saw her head between my legs, giving my pussy the much needed attention it so hungrily desired. The buzzing I heard was coming from a small vibrating device that she was moving across my nipples and keeping them hard and aroused. She momentarily stopped what she was doing when she felt me move, then looked up above my pubis until our eyes met. I could see the hunger in her eyes and no doubt she could she the hunger in mine. Then she went back to what she was doing and all I could do was arch my back and let her pleasure my body again until I reached one orgasm after another, and I was finally begging her to stop and let me catch my breath.

I was so weak to move as she climbed up the bed and lay beside me. She kept the small vibrator over my nipples so I could feel myself building up for another orgasm. I closed my eyes and softly moaned her name, savoring the tingling sensation it gave.

She finally stopped a half an hour later, my bed soaked with my sweat and pussy juice. In between kisses we finally had our much delayed talk. She was profusely apologetic for neglecting me the past weeks. She said it seemed as if Benj has put a spell on her that she couldn’t say no to him and his initial advances. She had allowed him to kiss her but when he went further she couldn’t resist, and they ended up fucking. She couldn’t understand why, but since that first fuck she hasn’t been herself anymore. Instead of dreading going home during weekends she began to look forward to it, eagerly anticipating her fiance’s visits. As time passed, even the weekend visits were not enough, so whenever I’d call to say I’d be coming home late from my photoshoots she’d call him right away and tell him to come over for a quickie, and when I went on my out-of-town gigs she started allowing Benj to come to our condo and stay overnight. Later still Benj started to leave some of his stuff in her closet so that he could go with fresh clothes on.

“Yna, wag ka na magalit sa akin ha? I still want you, I still want our plans to push through, pero I have to include Benj na sa life ko. We’ve talked about it, and payag naman siya for us to be together and pursue our ambitions, at least sa umpisa. Pero I have to return to him eventually.”

That was quite a shock for me, although their disposition for the past weeks kinda prepared me for that. I wasn’t as disappointed by her news as I thought i’d be, but felt kinda sad because we will have to part ways sooner than later. So she was relieved when I said that I understood, and I even asked if they wanted more time together without me in the way.

“Of course not!” she replied. “I want us together for as long as possible. Sabi nga ni Benj mabuti daw na magkasama tayo para mababantayan mo ako hi hi hi! As if naman ipagpapalit ko siya ‘no!”

“It looks naman na nag-eenjoy ka sa kanya, so sabihin mo hindi ka na dapat bantayan,” I joked.

That last statement gave her the opening she was looking for. At first she resumed stroking my nipples with the vibrator. I closed my eyes, and asked wherever did she get that? She said it’s one of the things Benj gave her to “keep her company” when he wasn’t around, like now. Curious, I asked if she’s used it before to which she said plenty of times.

“Shit Pam, nakakakiliti ng husto,” I moaned.

“Naku, that’s nothing babe! You should see the other toys he gave me.”

“Ha? Meron pang iba?”

“Yup, and I’ll show them to you some time,”she teased. “Babe, can I ask you something?”

“Ano yon?” I asked, but it came out more like a moan as another pleasure wave hit me.

“Do you enjoy watching Benj and I fucking?” she asked.

“What!?! I…..I……..”

“C’mon babe,” she laughed. “I’ve seen you a few times. I know when you watch because your door suddenly opens a wee bit late at night, and I definitely know you saw me giving him a blow job, because I even winked at you ha ha ha!”

“Pam…….I….I didn’t mean to…..,” I stammered, still not knowing how to respond.

“Shhhhh,” she cooed, as she embraced me. “It’s ok. I was just worried that you might freak out seeing all of that, but I guess you were enjoying it all along, hmmmm?”

I didn’t know how to answer that, because to some extent it was true. As fulfilling our trysts were, seeing her with Benj awakened my desire to be fucked by a guy, to feel a hard dick inside my pussy. Even now, when she has just satisfied my longings, there seemed to be an empty space, a hunger that she can never fill. It was at that moment that I knew I had to get laid by a man. The question was, who would it be?

As I was pondering that question, Pam was again busily stroking my nipples with her fingers. I was about to tell her to stop and let me catch my breath when I suddenly stiffened and felt my body shudder at the same time, as she brought the vibrator down and pressed it against my clit. She left it there for a while then started moving it down towards my slit, opening my labial folds. My legs were still spread apart, so she had easy access to it. She brought it back to my clit and let it stay there. Then I felt another unfamiliar object vibrating up and down my slit, linger over my opening, and then started pressing on it. I look down and I saw her holding another of her toys, this time a another vibrator but bigger and longer than the first. I tried to protest but she quickly smothered it with her lips, French kissing me as she finally pushed the dildo into my pussy, and left it there.

I was delirious with ecstacy! It was as if my whole body was being assaulted by a million volts of electricity to all my nerve endings, bringing with it exquisite pleasure. Pam lay on top of me, making sure that the small vibrator was firmly pressed to my clit while she proceeded to work the dildo in and out of my cunt. I had my hands on her shoulder, but I was unsure whether to push her off or pull her towards me. Desire won, so I pulled her closer, closed my eyes, and let her fuck me.

If I had been tired before I went to bed, I was exhausted when we finally finished. My orgasms came and went within seconds of each other until I finally was begging her to stop. When she finally did I fell into a dreamless sleep, never knowing that the dildo was still within my throbbing pussy as she left me to my blissful slumber. The next couple of nights were more of the same: wet sloppy kisses, doing sixty-nines all over the place, and now using her toys on each other. There was one more toy she had, a full-size black dildo shaped like a cock. My eyes bulged when she showed it to me. I asked her if she had used it and she said ‘Of course!’ She teased me if I wanted to try it out and I said ‘No, of course not!’, laughing. It looked so much like the real thing. She must have read my mind, because she said ‘Well, it’s nothing compared to the real thing. Iba pa din yung totoong titi, hi hi hi!’

“Grabe ka Pam, hi hi hi.”

“Well it’s true naman. This can only satisfy me so much. Mas gusto ko pa din yung kay Benj.”

“Shit Pam,” I moaned as she started fucking me with the mid-sized vibrator.

“Have you ever thought about it babe?” she asked. “About getting fucked by a guy, I mean.”

The question caught me unawares, but my mind was currently split about thinking of a satisfactory answer and the anticipating the orgasm that was building up. Sensing I was close to coming, she sped up.

“Well babe? Would you liked to be fucked for real?”


“I need an answer babe,” she persisted, speeding up some more.

“Pam…….oh shitttttttt………Pam….yes…..oh yesssssss………”

“Yes what? You want to be fucked by a guy?”


“Want me to get you a guy babe? Do I get you a guy to fuck this pussy?”

“Yes Pam……anything……ooohhhhh…….ohhhhh…….ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” I moaned as the orgasm finally hit me.

The three days passed so quickly and soon enough Benj was there again, and they went back to their usual ways, which left me again in the cold. Pam left me her ‘toys’, and since I was getting horny again I couldn’t help but use them on me as I watched and listened to them fuck. After a few days of mounting frustration I decided to spend some time by myself that weekend, so that Friday afternoon I packed some clothes and told Pam I had an out-of-town gig.

I didn’t have any clear plan, but in my haste I forgot to bring a few items and I didn’t want to go back to the condo to get them, so I went to the mall to buy some toiletries and groceries. I was on my way to the cashier when I bumped into Tito Robbie, who was getting some groceries of his own. We exchanged greetings and asked what each other was up to. When I said I had no definite plans yet and that I just wanted to give Pam and her friend some privacy he laughed knowingly, and invited me to his pad while I was still deciding what to do, and no, I wasn’t disturbing his weekend, so I went with him.

He surprised me by preparing dinner which, together with the wine, was heavenly. As he was busy in the kitchen he let me take a look at an article he was currently working on for a travel magazine, and I was impressed as I read the unfinished work. As we cleared the dishes afterward he asked if I had decided on what to do that weekend, and I said not really, so he said why don’t I come with him to Subic? I was thinking about it when we were interrupted by a call which he had to take. He was kinda pissed because he said he had to run over to the garage and take a look at one of the vans which needed some attention because it had a scheduled trip the following day.

“Go ahead Tito, I’ll be fine here. Don’t worry, I won’t steal any of your stuff,” I said.

“Ha ha! Okay, I’ll be quick. If you need anything just check the fridge. You know where the bathroom is.”

The van problem must have been more serious that he anticipated, because he was already gone for twenty minutes and I was getting a bit bored. I went back to his PC to re-read his article, when I noticed a couple of minimized windows. I clicked on the first, and was amused to see a porn site with lots of adult videos. Well, I couldn’t blame Tito. I remember thinking: at least he likes women!

The second was a bit more interesting. It was a blog site, and after a few clicks on the account profile I found out that it was his personal blog. What surprised me was the entries within. Tito Robbie wrote good magazine articles, but this blog showed that he was into erotic stories as well. I read one which had an interesting title, and quite soon enough found myself getting hot and wet. The erotic portions were so graphic I could visualize what was happening in my head. I tried a few more stories, and they all got me excited. I couldn’t believe that my nerdy Tito could be this knowledgeable in erotica. Afraid that he might soon return, I quickly minimized the two windows and went back to the kitchen. My mouth was suddenly dry, so I finished off what was left in the wine bottle.

My eyes kept looking at the PC, wanting to read more, but afraid of getting caught. I wanted to retreat to the guest room where I could have some privacy and relieve the longing I could feel between my legs. Another ten minutes passed and still no sign of him, so I gathered enough nerve to go back to the PC and read some more. I picked one that was really so graphic that I couldn’t help myself anymore. I pulled up my skirt and started rubbing my crotch through my panties, which was quite soaked by this time. ‘Oh, to hell with this!’ I thought, and pulled down my panties to my ankles. It was then that I remembered the bullet vibrator Pam let me borrow. I tried to grab my bag that was on the side table. It was a bit out of my reach so I had to stretch a bit to get to it, tilting the chair to finally open the flap. Wouldn’t you know, Tito Robbie chose that time to come in.

The shock of seeing the door opening made me try to do several things simultaneously: pulling up my panties, hiding the open blog, and closing my bag to hide the vibrator. I only succeeded in having a monumental multi-tasking failure. The only thing I was able to do was to crash to the floor when the chair I was sitting on over-reached its tilting point and toppled sideways, bringing me along with it. The bag followed suit and spilled its contents on the floor. The PC remained untouched, the window open to the damning erotic story I was reading.

Tito Robbie came in, stopped and stared, taking in the scene. Those few seconds were enough for him to get a clear idea of what had just happened. He moved quickly to help me up. I tried to stand but I kept tripping up with my panties on my ankles, so he just simply knelt down and took them off, then placing it on the side table where my bag used to be. My bag on the other hand was on the floor, having spilled almost everything that shouldn’t see the light of day. On his floor, among other things, were the two vibrators Pam had used on me, but more embarrassing was the big dildo that was sticking out of the lip of the bag. I wanted to just die in shame when he started picking up the toys and stuffed them back into the bag. I tried to rise but I must have twisted an ankle, so he scooped me up from the floor and carried me effortlessly to the sofa.

I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t look at him directly, much less speak. He set me down at one end of the sofa and he sat down on the other, propping my feet on his lap. He began probing my ankle and when he pressed on the right I flinched. He probed some more and although it felt a bit tender it didn’t hurt as much.

“I don’t think anything’s broken. Most likely just a bruise.”

“Ti…….tito…….I’m……I’m sorry ha. Nakakahiya sobra.”

I gathered enough courage to look at him, only to find his attention was elsewhere. My skirt was pulled up a bit, but because I was now panty-less my wet pussy was open for him to gaze at as he subconsciously rubbed my leg. I couldn’t move to cover myself. It also took me several moments to realize that my left foot was resting on his crotch, actually over his bulging penis. I could actually feel its hardness as I subconsciously moved my foot to and fro. ‘Omigod!’ I thought. ‘I just gave Tito Robbie a hard-on!’. I bit on my lower lip as I savored the sensation it gave, and found myself on the verge of an oncoming orgasm. This went on for another minute, with him staring at my pussy and me at his crotch, until we both looked up simultaneously and our eyes met. I could see his unease and embarrassment as it became obvious he was peeking at me, just as I knew he was seeing my embarrassment for staring at him.

“Ummm…Yna…..I…I think I need to get a shower,” he stammered huskily. “Just rest your ankle for a bit and it should be okay tomorrow.”

He gently laid my feet on the sofa as he stood up. He quickly went inside his room and soon enough I could hear the shower running. My mind was in turmoil. Here I was in a very compromising situation with my dads’ best friend and all I could think of was his cock and how it would feel inside my pussy. The mere thought of it finally released the orgasm that had been building up within me, but I still felt hot and unfulfilled. ‘Shit Yna, don’t even think about it!’ I could hear my conscience telling me, as I stood up gingerly and made my way towards his room. I opened it and peeked inside. I saw his clothes strewn all over the floor, as if he couldn’t wait to take them all off. I walked silently towards the bathroom door which was only partially closed and paused as I stood before it. ‘Bahala na,’ I thought. I started taking off the rest of my clothes, and when I was completely naked I pushed the door open. He was just standing under the shower, and now I could see his cock clearly, standing up. He turned his head and looked in my direction, and I could see a whole range of emotions running through his face.

“Yna,” he said, his voice getting huskier and cracking. “You shouldn’t be here….”

“Tito,” I replied, steeling my nerves as I came closer to him, near enough to reach out and touch him. “I need to take a shower too.”

With that I joined him under the shower standing face to face, staring into each others’ eyes. Whatever resolve he had finally melted and he took me in his arms and kissed me with all the passion he could muster. My defenses fell at the same time, and I return his embrace and his kiss.

We were all over each other in seconds. He slowly pushed me against the wall and pressed his body against me. Our mouths had minds of their own, probing each other with our tongues. His hands were mashing my breasts and tweaking my nipples while I was busy running one hand across his back and the other on his butt. But the most pleasurable sensation was feeling his hard manhood rubbing my slit. I knew he wanted to take me, and I knew I wasn’t about to stop him, so I just let him take the lead and savor whatever was in store for me that night.

Just when I thought my first fuck would be a standing one in a bathroom, he suddenly stopped and again carried me in his arms back to his room. We were dripping wet but it didn’t matter. He laid me on his bed and climbed on top of me. We stared into each others eyes, his eyes questioning and eyebrow raised. I answered with a nod and a smile, and with that, he lowered himself and kissed me again. I could feel his hard cock again pressed on my pussy, so I spread my legs and gave him the space it needed. He started to rub it up and down my slit as his mouth sought new areas to explore, moving down to my neck, which made me moan in delight.

He tried to move down some more, towards my breasts, but I stopped him. I was so horny, and all the frustrations of the past weeks were past overflowing that I couldn’t wait another second to finally get fucked. I felt like a cheap whore, pulling him even closer, rubbing my crotch in sync with his, moaning as his dick head found my clitoris, stimulating it.

“Tito, please fuck me now,” I whispered.

He didn’t need any more prodding. He bent my knees and pushed them further apart. He raised his upper body and continued rubbing his cock on my slit, getting it wetter as it probed closer to my opening. He guided his dick towards it, until I could feel it there. I shivered in anticipation as I felt the head slowly opening my pussy. I bit my lip as I felt some pain, and my grimace must have worried him because he paused his probing. He looked at me, questioning me with his eyes. Again I nodded.

“Yna, are you sure?”

“Yes Tito, take me now!!!” I half moaned and half begged the man who was about to take my virginity. I held on to his arms as I felt him pull back just a tad, then pushed his cock all the way in.

“Omigodddddddddddddddddddd!!!!” I moaned loudly, as I lost my virginity.

The sensation was everything that I expected, and much more. I literally felt something get torn as his cock forced its way deep into my pussy, and the pain was both excruciating and exquisite at the same time. His dick completely filled up that aching space inside, all the way up to my womb. I guess I was so wound up that even that initial thrust of his was enough to release the floodgates of pent-up desire that I actually came right then.

“Oh fuccckkkkkkkk!!!!!” I heard Tito Robbie moan. I didn’t know it at that time, but as he told me later, my cunt walls throbbingly contracted around his cock as I came. He said it felt as if I was holding his dick in my hands and I was squeezing it, and it almost made him come too. That must’ve been one of my best orgasms so far because he said he couldn’t move his cock as my cock was clamped on it tightly.

Eventually my orgasm subsided and he started to pull it out. I naively thought he had changed his mind and was going to stop already that I embraced his body with my legs to keep him from getting up, only to feel him push it back in again. He began to push and pull it in and out of me, slowly at first, getting a rhythm. Every thrust of his made me arch my back to receive him even more deeply. I was gripping his arms so tightly (which explained the bruises on them the day after) as he began to fuck me in earnest.

There was nothing romantic about that first fuck. It was a coupling of the most primitive sort. Two people with so much pent-up desires that needed to be released. The next minutes were nothing but intense thrusting and writhing and scratching and biting, punctuated by grunts and groans and moans. My body kept quivering as wave after wave of orgasms hit me, until he finally reached his peak and let loose a torrent of hot jizz deep inside my cunt. Feeling him spurt inside of me made me come one last time, and then he fell on top of me again, both of us spent. I embraced him, feeling wonderfully satiated and fulfilled and secure under him. I was glad he was my first.

I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew he was lying on his side beside me, letting his fingers run through my hair. When I opened my eyes he was looking into mine. There was a hint of a smile mixed with apprehension on his face. I smiled back at him, shifting my body somewhat to turn towards him.

“Yna, I’m sorry for taking advantage of you,” he began.

“No Tito, please….. I wanted it naman. Ako naman ang lumapit di ba? You can say I was the one who took advantage of the situation.”

“Well, I should have had better control of myself and not let this happen. Not that I didn’t enjoy it.”

“Talaga tito? Nag-enjoy ka din ba?”

“Oo naman! It was unbelievably wild! Kaya lang siyempre nagi-guilty ako. Una dahil close tayo, and second…”

“Ano Tito?”

“Hindi ko alam na virgin ka pa pala,” he answered, pointing towards my crotch. I propped myself up and looked down. At first I didn’t notice anything, but when I shifted my legs there were the tell-tale spots of blood on his bedsheet.

“Ay shet!” I exclaimed, suddenly getting up from the bed.

“O, where are you going?” he asked.

“Naku Tito, tayo ka muna, baka mag-stain yan ng husto!”

He also got up, laughing. He helped me get the dirty bedsheet off the bed, and got some fresh linen to replace it.

“I guess you better take another shower, you’ve got some on your thighs as well.”

I looked down and saw his cum dripping out of my cunt, partly dried and pink with blood.

“Ay grabe! Sandali lang Tito,” I said hobbling towards his bathroom. I turned on the shower and stood under the warm spray. My crotch hurt as I gingerly washed the cum and blood from it. He came in and joined me under the shower. He took the soap from my hands then had me stand with my back against his chest, and started lathering my body. His fingers lingered over my breasts and nipples, getting them hard again. His hand moved down towards my belly and rubbed me there, then moved even lower. He felt me flinch as he touched my clit which was still getting swollen again. I subconciously grabbed his thigh when his finger started sliding over my slit because of the pain.

“You still haven’t answered my question, Yna,” he said, as he stopped rubbing my slit.

“Ano yon Tito?”

“Were you a virgin?” he asked, turning me around to face him. He lifted my chin so that I would have to look into his eyes. “Well?”

“Yes Tito,” I answered softly.

“Oh shit,” he responded. I could see he had a very worried look in his face as he digested that information.

“Tito, I’m a big girl na. And it’s not as if pinilit mo ako or anything. Don’t worry po.”

“Kahit na. Para akong pedophile nito. Bakit naman ako pa pinili mo to do the honors?”

“Honestly Tito, wala sa plan ko ito. I’ll admit gusto ko na ma-experience, pero hindi ko expect na it will happen tonight. Medyo nadala lang ako when I read your stories kanina. Ayun, I couldn’t stop myself na. But you know what Tito?” I said, wrapping my arms around his neck and tiptoeing to bring my face closer to his. “I’m glad you were my first,” I whispered, as I kissed him on the lips.

That set the mood again for us. He turned off the shower and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his hard dick pressed on my belly as he embraced me and returned my kiss. He again made me stand against the wall, then his hands started roaming across my breasts and tweaking my nipples. Our lips finally unclasped and his went towards my neck, alternately kissing and licking it. I closed my eyes and savored the feeling as he went down some more. “Omigodddddd! I thought as he started licking my left nipple while flicking the other with his fingers, then changing sides. I didn’t know what to do with my hands so I just grabbed his hair, and I know that I was pulling on it every time his tongue flicked on my nipple. Then he knelt as he went even lower, letting me feel his hot tongue as it moved across my belly towards my bald pubes, finally resting on my mound, which he kissed. I parted my thighs for him as he started tracing my slit with his tongue. Despite the pain I found myself building up towards a new orgasm and felt myself getting wetter.

He couldn’t quite reach my opening, so he gently placed my right thigh over his shoulder and lifted me up slightly. It raised me up a bit from the floor but opened my pussy for him. I moaned as I felt him bury his face into my wet crotch and start fucking me with his tongue. It was a good thing I was standing against the wall so I had some support, because I was feeling weak at the knees with the pleasure I was getting. He worked his tongue expertly and my juices were flowing in no time. I guess he wanted to make sure I was more than ready as he stood up, held me by the waist and effortlessly lifted me until my pussy was at level with his dick, which he immediately positioned into my opening. Wordlessly he guided my legs and I obediently wrapped them around his waist and with my arms draped over his shoulders we were ready.

I gasped as I felt him enter. There was a hint of pain still, but it was immediately smothered by the sweet sensation of his hard cock rubbing back and forth my pussy walls. The friction it created was so pleasurable! From that position I felt myself totally vulnerable, totally helpless, unable to do anything but let him own me completely. And at that moment I was his to play with, to pleasure, to fuck – and I was loving every second of it.

“Tito…..oh shitttt…..I’m coming again…..ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

I grabbed his face and buried my lips into his to keep me from screaming, but even while our tongues were busily fencing with each other I couldn’t help but make muffled moans as wave after orgasmic wave found their way to my shore.

“Tito! Wait!! Oh shit……. Ohhhhhh…… Stop please…… Ooooooohhhhh!!!!”

He gave me one deep thrust and then kept it there. I was waiting for the hot spurt of jizz but none came. I realized that he wasn’t done yet. I had to hug him tighter as he held me by my butt and carried me out of the bathroom and back to the bed. We plopped down on top of it still connected to each other. He pushed my legs up and let them rest on his shoulders as he resumed pumping his cock in and out, and the crazy roller-coaster ride began again. I guess I felt it was useless to hold back what I reallyh felt so I finally let myself go.

An hour later we laid down the bed, resting but still panting a bit. I turned on my side and faced him. He had his eyes closed. For a while I just watched him. Not bad looking for a guy his age (hitting the gym regularly, he told me). Nice chest, just a hint of flab in his belly. I couldn’t believe how easily he was breathing despite the workout he just had, and here I was still a bit out of breath. His cock had gone soft of course, but I thought it wouldn’t take much to get it up and hard quickly enough. I placed a hand tentatively over his chest, rubbing it lightly. He opened one eye and looked at me, smiling. I smiled back as I brought my hand lower, inching towards his dick.

“Whoa, girl!” he said in jest. “I’m no spring chicken you know! I gotta get my second wind first.”

I blushed. I stopped my exploration but let my hand roam around his belly.

“Is it always that good Tito?” I asked.

“It depends Yna. Only you can answer that. Was it good for you? Because it was, for me.”

“Grabe kasi Tito. Ang hirap i-explain. Parang ….parang ayaw mo na pero gusto mo pa. Shit, I’m not making any sense here.”

“Relax. First you have to want it, then just enjoy it. Don’t clutter your mind with anything else.”

“Ummm Tito, tutuloy ka pa ba sa Subic tomorrow?”

“Well, it’s a plan. Bakit, saan mo ba gustong pumunta?”

“E, hindi ba ako istorbo? You might have other plans for the weekend kasi. I mean, I just barged in here.”

“Wala naman. You’re not intruding on anything. So, where do you want to go?”

“E, pwede dito na lang tayo sa pad mo Tito?” I asked. “I mean, we don’t have to go anywhere.”

“Sure, no problem. Ano naman gagawin natin dito buong weekend? Hindi ka ba mabo-bore?”

“No,” I replied, with a naughty twinkle in my eyes. “I’d like you to teach me. Everything.”

“Teach you everything? About what?” he asked teasingly.

“Tito naman!” I pouted, finally grabbing his cock. “Basta, I want you to show me everything you know.”

“Oh shitttttt,” he moaned as I started jacking him off. “Well, first lesson is you gotta give old guys like me time to recover. Ha ha ha! But okay, if that’s what you want, I’ll teach you. And thank you, for giving me the honor.”

“Thank you Tito,” I replied, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Then I rose from the bed and started for the bathroom.

“O, where are you going?”

“Giving you your rest time, and also time for my beauty regimen,” I answered with a naughty smile, pausing sexily at the bathroom door.

I finally had a shower without interruptions, and after I was done I stepped out and found him gone. A white bathrobe was on the bed, which I put on and went out of the room to fetch my things which we left around the sofa. I followed the scent of toasted bread in the kitchen where I found him preparing some sandwiches and pouring wine into a couple of glasses, one of which he handed to me. A took a sip, and after a moments’ hesitation grabbed a sandwich as well which I greedily devoured. He was laughing at me, seeing how I hungrily attacked the sandwich. I didn’t realize how much our fucking gave me an appetite. I gave him a pout but continued eating. After I consumed the sandwich I washed it down with the rest of the wine, then I said I had to go back to the room and put some lotion on.

He followed me back to the room and took a towel from a cabinet, then headed for the bathroom as I was arranging my things on his dresser. Sheepishly I took off the bathrobe and started my nightly routine. I paid special attention to my devirginized pussy. Two hard fucks made it a bit swollen and tender, but even the pain made it even more sensual to touch. I was almost bent double trying to take a look whether there was anything different about it when he came out of the bathroom, a white towel wrapped around his loins. He was smiling as he looked at what I was doing, so I blushed.

“I…..I was just….”

“It looks just the same, believe me. It’ll take some time before you’d notice any change,” he said as he nonchalantly took off the towel and used it to dry his hair, all the while exposing his cock to me. The sight of it transfixed me. I thought I must be turning into a nymphomaniac, as I felt myself feeling hot all over again. That was compounded when he approached me. Standing so close as he took a comb and fixed his hair I could smell his freshly soaped body. I couldn’t help myself as I reached for his dick and held it in my hand. It was so close I could actually smell its musky odor. I didn’t realize I that my face was slowly getting nearer and nearer until its head was almost touching the tip of my nose. I involuntarily licked my lips at the thought of putting his dick inside my mouth.

My trance was broken when he replaced my hand with his, and then moved his cock and gently rubbed it against my cheek, first on the left, then on the right and back again, each time letting the head brush against my lips. His other hand started lightly brushing my hair, causing me to look up to him. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He was still moving his dick back and forth, but slowly and subtly letting it linger over my lips. Not breaking eye contact, I opened my mouth and let my tongue out, letting it run circles over the head. Finally I couldn’t wait anymore so I puckered my lips and sucked his cock into my mouth. I could him softly moaning as my tongue guided his hard dick inside my warm, wet mouth. At the same time I could feel another orgasm coming as I inhaled his fresh manly scent as more and more of his cock slid inside my mouth. The very first cock I ever tasted!

I was waiting for him to start moving, but he kept still. So I started to move my head back and forth, running my lips along him hard shaft. I looked up at him but he had arched his neck, at the same time keeping a firm hold on my head as he moaned approvingly. A couple of minutes later he made me stop. He held my hand and brought me back to the bed, where he laid down, opened his legs and bade me to resume what I was doing. I climbed on the bed between his legs. I held his shaft in my hand and guided it back to my mouth where I hungrily put it back in and started giving him a blow job in earnest, my head bobbing up and down over his shaft.

After a while he shifted so I paused, waiting for his next move. He made me turn and go on top of him, my ass hovering over his face. ‘Omigod, he’s gonna eat me too!’ I thought as he held me by the hips and lowered me towards him until my pussy lips made contact with his mouth. “Oh fuck Tito!” I moaned as he started licking my slit, and I lowered my head over his cock again and we started eating each other. I had to stop every so often because his mouth was titillating me no end, especially when he started tongue-fucking my cunt. It was all I could do just to keep myself from biting into his cock to stop me from screaming in ecstasy as several waves of orgasm hit me. I was sure his face had to be soaked with my cum by that time, but he just kept on fucking and licking me.

Finally he made me stop and change position again, and now I was face to face with him as he again guided my hips towards his groin. I held his cock and aimed it towards my pussy and then I lowered myself to him slowly, feeling his shaft rub against my pussy wall. I squatted over him, looking down to see how his cock looked as it went in and out of my cunt. He held me by the waist to keep me upright, but as another peak approached I was finding it hard to keep my body up and found myself falling down over his chest. He bent his knees to keep his dick deep inside me and started humping me again as we kissed, and soon enough I came again. And again. And again.

He turned me over like a pancake and he continued fucking me, holding my lags up and apart, forming a V while his cock resumed thrusting in me. I started grabbing whatever I could, the bedsheet, the headboard, the pillows while I waited for the next waves to hit me, which came soon enough. I was out of my mind by that time, and later he told me I was half moaning and half screaming while my body shivered in orgasmic pleasure. I couldn’t remember anything after that, because the next thing I knew it was morning and I woke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

For the first few seconds I just stared at the ceiling. I was kinda disoriented, not knowing where I was, until I remembered what happened the night before. I felt so blissfully tired, aching in places, especially in my crotch. My body was covered with a blanket, and I had to peek underneath to make sure that what I thought happened really happened, and sure enough, I was naked under the blanket. I stretched my arms and legs, still a bit sleepy and lazy to get up, but the aroma of the coffee was just too much. The the faint sizzling sound of bacon was the decider. Sex was serious business, and it made me hungry. I got up and padded towards the kitchen, naked.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” my equally naked Tito greeted me. He turned his attention back to the frying pan and told me to pour some coffee. I approached him and gave him a hug before I complied with his wish. We sat down for breakfast quietly, stealing glances, waiting for the other to make the first move or say something. It was surreal, the two of us calmly eating, not wearing anything, yet twenty four hours ago if someone would’ve said that I’d be having sex with this man I’d call them crazy. Lots of emotions going through my mind as we sat there, but one stood out: I wanted more!

My desire must have shown on my face because as soon as he finished the last gulp of his coffee he came over to my side, bent down and gave me a long kiss on the lips, which I promptly responded to. I found myself being led up to my feet and we embraced, pushing our bodies closer against each other. He could feel my hard nipples on his chest as I could feel his erection against my crotch. It wasn’t surprising that my pussy was wet by the time he lifted my right leg as he slightly flexed his knees to bring his cock towards my cunt, and in one upward thrust his dick slid inside me once again. I held on to his shoulders as he held me by my ass and lifted me up, bringing me over the kitchen counter where he sat me down, flexing my knees and pushing them apart as he stood in front of me, his cock still inside my pussy. I looked down and bit on my lip as he started fucking me again, watching in awe as I saw his dick moving in and out my cunt. It looked more sensual watching it in daylight rather than under than with artificial light at night, and I was again moaning as my new-found sluttiness took over.

After a couple orgasms he pulled out and then made me stand in front of the counter, then pushed my body forward so I was now bent at the waist, my chest over the counter top which was wet with my cum. He made me spread my legs then held me by the hips as he stood behind me. I felt him positioning his cock and moments later it slid right back in and he started humping me again. I grabbed the other end of the counter as his thrusts lifted me and had me standing on the tip of my toes. I came three more times before he finally squirted what was to be the first of many for that day. He didn’t pull out right away but rather kept it there while we both struggled to catch our breaths. It felt wonderful, feeling his warm hard body over mine.

I sighed as he finally pulled out, but before he could react I got up and faced him, gave him a quick kiss on the lips then knelt in front of him and swallowed his cock. I didn’t know what came over me that time, but I remembered seeing something like that in one of the vids Pam and Benj were fond of watching and emulating, so I decided to try it out on Tito Robbie. I don’t know how to describe the taste. I’ve tasted his cock already, and I know what pussy tastes like, before and after cumming, but never with come admixed together. It was a bit slimy, but quite agreeable, so I decided that I can get used to it.

“Oh fuck Ynaaaaaaaaa!” I heard Tito moan. I was so concentrating on what I was doing that I forgot all about him. I guess his moans meant he was enjoying the experience immensely, as he held my head quite forcefully, pulling it closer to his crotch until the entire length of his cock was inside my mouth. I licked everything my tongue could touch, until I was sure his dick was as clean as I could make it. I let it out of my mouth then sat on the floor, licking leftover cum from my lips, and he plopped on the floor beside me.

“Damn Yna, where did you learn how to do that?” he asked, panting.

“Watching vids Tito,” I replied, smiling coyly. He gave me a look that said he didn’t quite believe me, so I admitted I watched my friend do it to her bf a few times.

“Hmmmmm, me pagka voyeur ka pala, ha ha ha!”

“Tito talaga!”

“Seriously, I didn’t expect that. And you’re good, no kidding! You’re gonna make your future husband very happy!”

“Naku tito ha, wala pa sa plano ko yan! I don’t even plan on having a boyfriend yet, let alone get married!”

There was a pregnant pause as he digested what I said. I got quiet too, as I thought about what my statement implied.

“So, where do we go from here Yna?” he asked.

“Tito…….,” I stammered. “Please….please don’t think I’ll be asking anything from you. Like…like what I said last night, I wanted to experience it, and it just so happened you were the guy available. Oh shit, I’m not saying it well, it’s kinda hard to explain.”

“You’re doing just fine Yna. Continue.”

“It…it’s like this,” I began again, trying to think of the words to explain. “I…I’ve told you about Pam and Benj, right? And yes, you were right the first time. Watching and hearing them fucking was driving me crazy, and it’s reached the point that I…..I was so horny I would’ve fucked the first guy I met last night. Shit, come to think of it that’s just what I did. When we….when we met at the supermarket I…well I wasn’t planning on seducing you Tito. Actually I thought if I came with you then I might get over my horniness and get some sense back to me. Actually I was on my way to getting myself back to normal, kaya lang when….when I ‘accidentally’ saw your erotic stories it kinda pushed me over the edge. I couldn’t help get aroused that I had to…to…..ummmm……masturbate….oh shit….and….and that’s when you came in and saw me, and…..well you know the rest, tito.”

“Fuck Yna, I’m so sorry. I….I didn’t mean to….you weren’t supposed to read those.”

“I know Tito, I’m sorry pinaki-alaman ko yung things mo.”

“So, it’s back to my question: where do we go from here?”

“Let’s….let’s just keep this between ourselves na lang tito. Like I said, I wanted to know how it feels like, and I’m glad that it was you. But….but…..,” I stopped, thinking of what to say next. “No commitments tito. Don’t think that you’d have to uphold my honor or anything. I wanted this, I enjoyed it very much. I hope you did too. But let’s not expect anything to come out of this. I know mas maraming complications if you’re thinking of taking it to the next level. That’s not what I want. I know that’s not what you want either. So let’s just enjoy ourselves and keep it at that.”

He was silent for a full minute.

“Wow, that’s quite a statement Yna. Are you sure about what you just said?”

“Yes tito. Sure po ako. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel as if you took advantage of me. I don’t see you like that. You’re exactly the kind of lover I dreamed of, and I’m glad. I just hope I was up to your standards din.”

“You’re more than what I imagined Yna. I never thought something like this would ever happen between us. Last night you weren’t the little girl I knew, you were a completely different woman. I just couldn’t help myself. I knew I should have tried harder to control myself, but you caught me at my weakest.”

“Well, if you were at your weakest last night tito, I’d like to have you when you’re at your strongest,” I said mischievously.

That broke the ice for us.

“Ha ha ha! Grabe ka talaga Yna. I can see that your going to be a handful. I don’t think any man can resist you if you put your mind to it.”

“So tito, ok na tayo? Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself. Pero….”

“Pero ano, Yna?” he asked.

“Pero,” I said, moving closer to him, bringing my mouth to his ear, “Right now I still need to be taken.”

With that, we, kissed, we embraced, and we fucked on the kitchen floor.

The rest of the weekend passed too quickly for me. Having agreed upon the boundaries of our new-found relationship Tito and I made good use of our time together. He was a good teacher and was patient enough to show me how to do things right, and I guess I was a good student because I had him moaning in pleasure in no time. During our breaks I’d read more of his erotica which only fuelled my lust. We did it in every conceivable space in his pad, even once inside his car as we briefly went out to buy some stuff. He got the surprise of his life too as I naughtily convinced him to have his pubic hair shaved (by me), and our sex after that was more intense. He was more sexy without the hair!

Saying goodbye was somewhat awkward. He took me back to the condo, but I couldn’t invite him up because I didn’t know if Pam and Benj where there, so we ended up kissing and hugging inside the car in the basement parking lot. He asked if we’d be seeing each other again. I thought about it, and said, “Definitely Tito! I might not be able to come often, kasi malapit na ang finals, but you better be ready for me, hi hi hi!”

“Ha ha ha! Okay, I won’t expect too much, but you’re welcome to barge in anytime. In any case, can you drop the Tito from now on?” he asked. That stopped me.

“Yes Robbie,” I answered, as I kissed him one last time, then got off the car, waving goodbye as I headed for the elevator.

‘Back to reality,’ I thought when I opened the door to the condo. Obviously I arrived in time to hear Pam reach another orgasm as I could hear her moaning and screaming through her closed door. Unlike before, however, I felt good and had a smile on my face. I didn’t envy her anymore, although the sound of them having sex gave me the urge to rush back down the parking lot and jump on…Robbie. I have to get used to calling him that from now on. Oh well, first things first. I was truthful enough when I said I had to get ready for final exams which were only a couple of weeks away, and graduation soon after. I didn’t know how Pam and I would be after that. We had planned on keeping the condo, using it as our base until we got jobs, but with Benj now in her life I didn’t have a clue what her plans were.

I spent the next couple of weeks studying. I had to put my modelling job on hold, which the agency readily agreed to. Even Pam and Benj kinda slowed down a bit, so Pam had more time to study. We spent whatever free time we had shopping for clothes to wear for the graduation and parties after the exams, and at night she’d cuddle up to me on my bed and we’d usually end up having sex, although not as torrid as before. Maybe she was just missing Benj (as I missed Robbie) and we both afforded some release for each other, and that helped us get through the nights. We talked about our situation, and although we didn’t settle on anything, we decided that for the time being we would still be staying in the condo after graduation. Our parents were kinda okay with that, although they stipulated that Pam and I would be shouldering the expenses for it six months after our graduation if we wanted to keep it.

I couldn’t wait for the last day of the finals. I felt so drained, although I was fairly confident that I did well enough to pass. Pam and I had planned on a night out as soon as exams were over, and that was exactly what we did. We hit the clubs with some friends from school, drinking and dancing our stress away, glad to have school over with. It was past midnight when things were winding down for us, but we were both plastered I couldn’t even find the keys to the car. We headed for the nearest coffee shop as she called Benj to come pick us up. He arrived in a taxi thirty minutes later and he drove us back to the condo in my car. I headed for the bathroom straight away for a shower, and when I came out Pam was standing by the door. I thought Benj was staying over and I asked her about it. She said Benj had to go pick up something and will come back, so I said okay.

I was about to go back to my room when Pam called me to the sofa. It seemed that Benj brought some champagne earlier and had just opened the bottle when he got called out. “Yna, samahan mo muna ako dito, wait lang natin si Benj please,” she pleaded. I said okay and she said she’ll just take a quick shower too. While she was in the bathroom I went to my room and put on some clothes and went back to the sofa. I filled one of the glasses and sipped while waiting for Pam. Presently she came out and went straight to where I was sitting and took the glass from my hand and sipped from there. She took another gulp then moved closer to me. For a few seconds we stared into each others’ eyes, then she moved her face closer until our lips brushed against each other, and completed the kiss. My eyes popped open as I felt her squirting the champagne from her mouth to mine, then she quickly grabbed me by the neck and pushed her tongue deeper.

Things became heated after that. The booze and the fatigue finally got to me, and I was responding to Pams’ advances. Before long she had me naked and we were eating each others’ pussies on the floor, with her on top of me. I didn’t see her grab her bag from the sofa and take out her mid-sized vibrator. I only felt it when she started using in inside my cunt, which I gladly received. She made me cum a couple of times, and then showed me the life-size dildo. “Pam,” I said, panting. “Oh shit…” I moaned as she replaced the vibrator with the dildo. I had no choice but to open my legs wider to accept it, and she wiggled her pussy more deeply into my face as I tongue-fucked her, providing us both with enhanced pleasure. I was half out of my mind in ecstasy that I didn’t realize she was doing all of this was just to set me up.

I never heard him come in. Positioned as I was, I didn’t see him watching us as he undressed, taking his time, savoring my nakedness and depravity as Pam serviced me with her dildo. I didn’t hear him move closer. I was so engrossed at what I was experiencing that I never even sensed as he knelt, my head between his knees, as he held Pam by the waist and raised her hips until her pussy was at level with his hard cock. The first time I realized someone else was there was when Pam gave a gasp of delight as Benj thrust his dick inside her cunt and started fucking her. I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe what was happening. I tried to get up but Pam buried the dildo deep within me and increased the pace of her thrusts that I couldn’t do anything but cum again. Benj brought his knees closer until I couldn’t move my head, keeping my eyes focused at what his cock was doing to my friends’ pussy. In moments I felt Pams’ body shudder from an orgasm.

They both moved so fluidly that I couldn’t react. Benj pulled out his glistening dick from Pam while she stood and changed places with him. Now it was Pam kneeling over my head, slowly lowering herself on my face, while I felt Benj spreading my legs and bending my knees.

“Pam wait…, no, please……,” I pleaded, knowing what was to come.

“Shhhhh Yna. I promised you a man, didn’t I?” Pam cooed as she stroked my hair. “Benj has agreed to make a woman of you.”

Seeing that Pam wasn’t going to stop her fiance, I turned my pleadings to him.

“Benj, please…..please don’t do this……please….”

I closed my eyes as I felt his cock rubbing my slit. He wasn’t going to listen no more than Pam was. I couldn’t believe the two of them had actually planned this, but hearing them talk, as if I wasn’t in the same room as they were, confirmed to me that they had.

“Fuck babe, she is so wet!” I heard Benj say.

“I told you I’d get her hot and ready for you babe,” she replied. “You’re more than ready, aren’t you?” she asked me.

“Please Pam…….don’t do this to me! Don’t make him do this! Benj please!!!!”

Pam virtually sat on my face, smothering my pleas by pushing her pussy over my lips, while Benj rubbed his cock faster on my slit.

“Fuck her babe. She wants to!” I heard Pam tell Benj. I tried to protest but my voice was muffled by her pussy covering my mouth.

My eyes first bulged wide open as he finally entered me, then shut tight as he started to fuck my cunt. I was sobbing as he took me roughly, and all the while he was grunting in lust as Pam egged him on.

“Babe, come here!” I heard Benj tell Pam, who quickly got up and got on top of me, offering her pussy to him while she kissed me on the lips. I felt him pull out of my cunt and transferred his dick into Pams’, and after a few quick thrusts they both moaned as he came inside her. After a while he pulled out of her cunt too, and I felt a few drops of his cum splatter over my crotch.

I thought it was all over. All I wanted to do then was crawl to my room and lock myself in, but it seemed they had other things planned for me. Benj got up and sat himself on the sofa while Pam helped me to my knees. I wanted to ask her why, but she forced my head towards his waiting cock, and in my weakened state my lips were on it in no time.

“Lick it babe,” she whispered. “Like this,” and she proceeded to lick her fiancé’s glistening cock. I felt his hand on my head as I failed to respond, and he pulled it towards his dick which Pam was hungrily licking. She stopped what she was doing and turned her attention to me by kissing me full on the lips. My mouth automatically opened for her, and her tongue brought with it our admixed cum which I was forced to taste. “Your turn babe,” she said as she broke contact, and Benj turned my head to face his still wet cock.

“Pam,” I begged her.

“Stick your tongue out babe,” she said sternly.

There was something in her voice that was unfamiliar and kinda scary. I just wanted this nightmare to end, so I closed my eyes, stuck my tongue out and started licking his shaft.

“Open your eyes and look at me Yna,” Benj ordered.

Sighing, I opened them and looked up to him as I continued licking his cock like a lollipop. Bits of cum stuck to my tongue with each stroke, and I had to swallow them as they started filling my mouth. He was leering at me as he watched me clean his dick, and when it was almost clean he guided my head and made me take it in his mouth. “Oh yeah!” he sighed as he watched his cock disappear into my mouth. “Suck it Yna! Suck me good! Yeah!!!!”

I got into a rhythm and they started playing with my boobs as I gave him a blowjob. “I guess she’s enjoying it now babe,” Pam said to Benj. “Her nipples get this hard when she’s aroused.” I could feel the blood rise to my cheeks in shame as Pam detailed to Benj things that she did that got me horny, and how she caught me watching them fuck when they did it in this very same sofa, and how I confessed to her how much I wanted to get fucked. “Now she’s getting her wish granted, right Yna?”

“Get her ready for me babe,” Benj ordered Pam. “I think I’m just about ready for round two.”

She moved behind me, and opening my legs apart she shoved the dildo back into my cunt and started fucking me with it. I couldn’t help myself anymore by that time. I found myself shuddering in the throes of an orgasm soon after.

“She’s ready babe,” Pam said.

She moved back to the sofa as Benj stood up. She made me scoot over to where she was, so I moved towards her as she opened her legs and moved her but towards the edge of the sofa, her actions clearly telling me what she wanted me to do. I lost all will to resist as I dove face down towards her pussy and started eating her, slurping whatever came out of it, forgetting that it contained most of Benjs’ jizz. He meanwhile went behind my back, spread my legs and pulled out the dildo that was still stuck inside my cunt and replaced it with his cock.

“Oh yeah! She’s hot, wet and ready! Ummmmm!!!!”

He started fucking me again, roughly as before. His fingers were leaving marks on my butt, so hard he was grabbing it as he thrust in and out of my pussy. I stopped licking Pam as I felt another wave of orgasm coming, and she noticed it and promptly informed Benj.

“She’s coming babe! Fuck her faster!” Pam ordered her boyfriend.

“Oh yeah!!! Come for me Yna!!! Yeah!!!!!”

I let out a long moan as the orgasm finally hit. I didn’t care anymore that my best friend set me up to be fucked by her fiance, only that I was enjoying everything he was doing to me at that time.

“You like it, don’t you Yna?” Pam asked me as she lifted my head to look at her. “Say it! You enjoy getting fucked?”


“Say it! Say how much you want it!”


“Say it or I’ll make him stop fucking you!”

“Nooo…..oooooohhhhhh…Pam…..yes…..I……want it…..ooohhhhhhhh!!!!” I moaned in surrender.

“And you want the three of us to fuck always?”

“Unngghhhh!!!! Yes…..yes Pam….oooohhhhhh!!!!!”

“Babe, I’m just about to cum! Where do you want it?” Benj asked.

“Not in her cunt! Cum in her mouth! Make her swallow your cum!” Pam ordered.

Benj swiftly pulled out of my pussy and knelt on the sofa, pulling me up and shoving his cock inside my mouth. he resumed pumping and didn’t care that I was gagging as he let loose another stream of jizz inside, which I was forced to swallow. He finally let go of me as he spent all his cum in my mouth, and I fell to the floor coughing and gagging.

“You can fuck Benj all you want Yna, but you don’t ever let him cum inside your pussy okay?” Pam ordered in that same frightening tone, so I just nodded my head in response. They then turned their attention to each other so I took the opportunity to half crawl towards my room where I stayed the rest of the night crying myself to sleep.

I woke up late. My whole body still ached after their assault. I wrapped a towel around my body and silently opened my door. I didn’t see anyone outside, so I walked rapidly towards the bathroom and took a long hot shower to get rid of the dried cum on my skin. I had to brush my teeth twice and gargled with more than the usual amount of mouthwash to get rid of the bitter taste. Recalling what Benj made me do got me retching and almost made me throw up. I went to my room quickly and put on some fresh clothes, wondering what to do next.

It seemed that Pam and Benj had been planning this for some time. I think they were counting on the fact that Pam and I were almost inseparable, that I’d agree to whatever they want, even getting into a threesome with them, if it meant not losing my best friend. For a while that was my fear, and I was hopelessly unsure of what to do. I didn’t want to lose Pam, but getting regularly fucked by her fiance (and soon to be husband) was something I wasn’t looking forward to either.

The anxiety was making me restless, so I started moving all around the condo. I finally found myself looking into her room. I went in, not really sure what I wanted to do there. One thing that caught my attention was a laptop on her dresser. It wasn’t hers, so it must belong to Benj. I opened it, and started browsing through his files. There was nothing interesting, and I was about to close it when I noticed a folder that was labelled “Girls”. I clicked on it and noticed several folder inside, each labeled with a different name. There was one with Pam’s name on it and I clicked it. My eyes bulged wide when I saw two more folders labeled pics and vids respectively. The pics folder had dozens of nude pictures of Pam in various poses and in action. The vids folder contained even more: sex between her and Benj.

I clicked on the other names, and all had the same format: pics for nude poses of the girl, and vids for the sex scenes between Benj and the girl. There were at more than a dozen girls in his list. But what gave me a fright was the last name in the list – my name! I clicked on Yna and there was the two subfolders inside. I clicked on pics, and I almost cried when I saw several pics of me lying naked in my room, with vibrators and dildos inside my pussy. I remembered the last time Pam used them on me, the time she made me reveal my desire to be fucked by a guy. She must have taken these pics when I fell asleep. My fingers were literally shaking as I closed that folder and moved the mouse towards the vids folder. I took a deep breath and clicked on it, and I gave an audible sigh of relief to find it empty. My relief was short-lived, knowing that Benj wouldn’t have made a vids folder for me if he didn’t plan on filling it up.

I felt betrayed. Here I was, ready to be shared with my best friends’ fiance just to keep us together, only to find out I was just going to be another trophy for her man. Right there I decided that I didn’t want her for a friend anymore. I closed the Yna folder, clicked delete, then emptied the recycle bin. I kept the laptop open for them to see. I didn’t want to be a part of their lives ever again.

I went to my room and packed my bags. Those that I didn’t need I left behind, and hauled my bags into my car. I went back up one last time. I left a note for Pam, telling her my plans have changed, wishing her and Benj the best of luck, and that I’d just send my brother Nic to pick up the rest of the stuff I left behind.

I drove around for a while, but I guess I knew where I wanted to go, so I eventually parked in front of Robbie’s townhouse. Luckily he was home, and when I asked him if I could stay with him for a while he just nodded yes, although with raised eyebrows on seeing how many bags I’d brought. Over brunch, I finally told him everything that happened. He just stayed quiet and listened, and when I finally finished he smiled at me and said,”I knew you had a good head on your shoulders. You made the right choice.”

I tearfully hugged him for understanding.

“You can stay here until you find a decent place to move into. I’ll help you look, I know some people who can help. Don’t worry, things will turn out better for you,” he comforted me, stroking my hair.

“Thanks Tito…..I mean Robbie. Don’t worry, I’ll pull my weight while I’m here. Share ako sa expenses, okay?”

“Ha ha ha! Talagang very independent ka Yna. Okay, I won’t say no to that.”

“Robbie, I hope you won’t say no to my next favor,” I said as I drew even closer.

“And what’s that?”

“Make love to me Robbie,” I asked.

And we did.

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